The Power of Going with the Flow

Have you ever noticed how bodies of water have a rhythm? Whether it is a rippling lake, a rushing river, a quiet pond or waving ocean there is a harmonized movement guiding it. When water is flowing and in rhythm with itself, there is a sense of peace or harmony that comes over you when you’re near it or observing it. You’ve felt it, right?


And, when the water is in flow, it usually finds its way around obstacles, such as rocks and coastlines, while maintaining its flow. It’s one of the consistent qualities about water.


However, when water goes up against elements and something disrupts its flow, the water itself can even become a violent weapon, destroying things, like land and roads and homes in its path.


We are a lot like water; in fact the adult body is made up of 60% water. But, as human beings, since we have the ability to make choices, quite often we don’t stay in flow. More to the point, we can make it a habit of going against the current instead of following the easier cadence or natural flow of our lives. We feel that if we can control the current, then our life will be the way we want it to be.


So, how’s that been working for you?


The amount of energy spent on trying to control the ebbs and currents of your life instead of looking for where you can find your flow, is why so many of us are more exhausted; and things are harder than they need to be. What ends up happening is you’re trying so hard to control, that you find yourself out of control. And, thus you feel disempowered.


Today, take a look at where you are going against the current in a situation that hasn’t been going your way. Where might you find some flow there? Where can you go from feeling disempowered by the lack of control you have into a place of letting go to flow into total Empowerment?


I believe that taking a step back to look for a solution in regards to finding your flow is the first step to becoming truly powerful in a situation. Releasing the need to control the currents of our life and finding how to get back into rhythm is the road to true Empowerment.


Take a step back to flow forward.