Rose-Colored Glasses

2023 already feels lighter, even if it’s just the vision through my rose-colored glasses.


Yes, you read that right! I am wearing rose-colored glasses because I want to see things better than they are in the world right now. I believe that my mind is so strong that I can create whatever I want, even if what is going on outside of me is filled with chaos.


My plan in 2023, after coming through these last 3 years, is being very grateful and clear for all I was able to endure. It was “stressed and blessed” to say the least. The more people I talk to, the more they have the same feeling. We have not only dealt with our own personal lives and issues, but as sentient beings we can’t help but pick up on all the energy around us.


Taking on energy that does not belong to you is one of the biggest lessons – it is like “borrowing worry”. One way you can protect your precious energy is by using your power of choice. You can choose to not watch the news, to put down your phone, to go into nature, to make a kind comment, to not judge.


So, look for the wonderful things in the world and that’s what you will see. Rose-colored glasses can be a trend that assists you in creating the world you want to live in. We create our own reality and when you realize you have that much power this next year seems brighter already!