Leaping into an Empowered Life

We’re well into the leap year with a quarter of it already in the rearview mirror. So, let me ask you, when you take a 20-20 glimpse in that mirror, where have you empowered your life? What leaps have you taken so far this year?


If you haven’t yet, no worries, because guess what? You’re not alone.


Feeling Empowered is what spurs us on to make that leap. And, taking the first steps to Empowerment can feel like jumping into the unknown because of all the preconceived ideas we have regarding doing things a different way. It can be scary and it takes an enormous amount of courage to move towards that first step.


The old ways – even though they don’t always make us happy or empowered – feel safe, comfortable or familiar. We stay in what is familiar sometimes even when it isn’t working, such as in a stale or dysfunctional relationship, a dissatisfying job or a certain life path.


My question to you is: “How does your life really feel in that comfort zone?” My guess is your response is something like, “not very well, thank you.” And, so the journey begins.


In order to begin the Empowerment process you have to be willing to do three things:

  • Be courageous – face things that make you fearful.
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable – your “comfort zone” got you the life you have now.
  • Be willing to not know – because what you’ve known up to now hasn’t really worked in the way you want it to.


Once you decide to implement these three things, you’ll feel Empowered and it is time to take off!


Are you ready?


1, 2, 3 – Leap!