How to Empower Your Priorities

What are your priorities? Do you really know? I know you think you do because of all the action you take in your life but I would like you to sit back and really ask yourself that question. What really are your priorities? And, the next question: Is your life aligned to meet your most important priorities? If not, where are you in resistance to the alignment?

See, we only reside in one of two states in life: Alignment or Resistance. And, you can’t live in both at the same time. We are either in complete flow where things feel joyful, effortless and truthful: Alignment. OR we are in an opposite state of discontent where things feel off and our running monologue is: “Isn’t it hard; isn’t it awful? I’m so unhappy”: Resistance.


So, in order to give top priority to the things that are most important to you, your thoughts and actions must be in alignment with those things that bring you the most joy. The way I see it, Joy is the most Empowering state, because in feeling joy we spark in ourselves four cornerstones of true Empowerment: energy, power, clarity and gratitude. Think of those people you know who are living an Empowered life and in their joy. You can’t help but notice their energy, power, clarity and gratitude.


Simply put, if you prioritize the things in your life that are joyful they will contribute to your Empowered life.


For example, if you keep saying you want to prioritize your family but keep putting other things in front of them such as your career advancement, then the area in your life that gives you the most joy, your family, remains at bay and your life stays in resistance. This is an area of stress for a lot of people. I get questions all the time from clients: “How am I suppose to prioritize time with my family and at the same time make the money to take care of them?”


The first step is to realize that time is something you control if you will Empower yourself to do so. Small increments of time dedicated in areas of your greatest priority will bring you more joy; while at the time (bonus!) your productivity will actually increase in other areas because you’re in a state of flow or alignment with your greatest priority. See how that works? Don’t do this backwards. Focus on your greatest priority first and the others will fall in line.


What are your priorities? Sit quietly and focus on them. Do they have to do with Family, health, Peace of mind, time for you, or new employment?


Do one small thing every day if your areas of greatest priority. Then, watch while they expand into joy.


Your most important priorities come from making Empowered choices. Keep moving towards alignment making every moment an Empowered choice.