Andrea Quinn
Andrea Quinn is a certified life coach, speaker and author based out of Los Angeles, California. She coaches personal and corporate individuals and groups.
Andrea's mission is to create a supportive and powerful environment where clients gain clarity and achieve healthy balance in their lives.  Empowering individuals and groups with a clear and defined plan, she assists them in working through issues and obstacles with a vision of possibility and real knowledge of their "true" selves. Knowing there is power and joy in accomplishing your goals with "you" in the driver seat, Andrea works along side individuals who are ready to be happy and in control of their own destiny.
"The truth shall set you free"

Every person has magnificence and when they begin to see it for themselves, creating the life they want to live becomes an effortless process. Andrea knows that each client has all the answers they need within themselves, they just need to get used to listening to their own voice. "Good to Know" is a phrase you will frequently hear her say to aid in the elimination of judgment. Judgment of oneself and others is, in Andrea's opinion, one of the biggest obstacles between you and a joyful life. Andrea maintains the importance of balancing your life mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to create true power and joy! People complicate life as a way to avoid the truth, but if one just faces "truth" head on and actually uses it... WOW! life becomes an expansive, effortless, and exhilarating ride.  Her philosophy is a belief in simplicity, power in truth, and happiness in living a balanced life.
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